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Bruce Temkin is a customer experience visionary, speaker, advisor, and researcher who co-founded the Customer Experience Professionals Association. In his Customer Experience Matters article, Temkin explains 2017 will be the year of purpose, as companies will be elevating purpose and customers will be looking for purpose and meaning in their lives. He expects mobile will become even more dominant as companies and brands look to interact with one another and pursue their purpose using remote digital devices.

Three key points we like from 2017 Customer Experience Trends, “The Year of Purpose”:
* Mobile continues to become the dominant interaction channel.
* People can access mobile channels through a variety of devices including those fitting the IoT category.
* Companies will shift their strategy to become mobile first and design customer offerings based on the understanding that a remote digital device will be the primary interface for interaction.

Steve Olenski also wrote a nice article about the state of mobile customer experience in Forbes. The June 2017 research study from UserTesting on the retail mobile customer experience found that consumers expect a seamless online shopping experience no matter what device they use. Success in providing that exceptional experience for mobile shoppers involves making it as easy as possible. That means very little effort on the consumers’ part to get to what they want and complete their purchases. That also means a lot of work for retailers who have not necessarily all made the changes necessary to provide such an incredible mobile experience for their customers.

The mobile user experience is a top priority for these retailers because of the amount of potential revenue involved in direct online sales and offline revenue.  The study noted that mobile sales totaled over $60 billion in 2016 while mobile interactions influenced $1.05 trillion in offline sales. With the available potential that mobile retail holds and the proven strategy of offering a frictionless purchase path with seamless integration into omnichannel shopping, why is mobile CX still so challenging?

There are a number of challenges remain, according to those who study the environment, including Brian Smith, VP of Marketing of UserTesting. “Increasing customer expectations make attaining a delightful mobile customer experience extremely challenging.

Smith referenced the thoughts of Amazon leader Jeff Bezos who wrote about the advantages of a customer-centric approach in his letter to shareholders. Bezos noted that customers will always want something better but may not even realize it. The desire to delight customers can drive a retailer to reinvent themselves to address that. Part of this ongoing dissatisfaction among consumers may be their changing preferences about where they want to research, shop, and buy. Sometimes they just research via their mobile phones but want to finish the sale in the store while other experiences a completely through their mobile devices. This leaves a retailer unsure how they can be customer-centric if they aren’t even sure where to reach them and when.

Backing up the multiple personalities of shopping with today’s consumer is a report from Forrester Research that found that sales completed through mobile phones are still only a small percentage of retail sales.  In a summary of the findings, Julie Ask, Vice President of Forrester wrote, Mobile phone sales (excluding tablets) topped $60 billion in 2016, but that’s nothing compared to the $1.05 trillion in offline sales that mobile phones influenced.”  Others like Smith from UserTesting agree that the brick and mortar environment is not dead.  He explained, “According to many estimates, 90% of commerce takes place offline. Yet, the landscape is changing dramatically so brands need to track this evolution.

Please let me know your thoughts on mobile customer experience through your comments.

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