Everyone talks about creating innovative experiences. How do you actually deliver?

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According to Forrester Research, successful organizations will differentiate themselves by delivering consistent, highly secure, customizable, and scalable customer experiences. Organizations that deliver great customer experiences will realize true business impact through better operating efficiencies, improved customer loyalty, and growth. The first step of that journey is to better understand your customers. What next?

1. Connect: Whether your customers are buying online or in person, delivering a reliable application experience over any connection is the critical first step.
2. Analyze and learn: Knowing where your customers go and how long they stay is key. The right location-based analytics will help you understand behavioral data so you can use those insights to improve customer interactions.
3. Make it personal: Relevant, contextual data is valued by 90 percent of the customers who receive it. And 50 percent of customers who receive relevant information act upon it. Use data about previous purchases and preferences to provide relevant content in the right way at just the right time.
4. Apply what you’ve learned: Use the insights you gain to make better decisions and respond to new preferences and trends.
5. Never stop evolving: Innovative customer experiences are never static. Use latest technology to get the insights needed to guide your business decisions and engage with customers on a more personal level.
6. If possible, improve customer loyalty with face-to-face communications nearly anywhere, on any device.
7. Deliver personalized information in real time to speed up cycle time.
8. Extend access to experts to any location, to use your resources more efficiently.
9. Delight your customers with the highest quality application and video experience in the industry.
10. When required, smoothly integrate latest technologies with your existing infrastructure to maximize your return on investment.

I’ve read an article in Upwork Global Inc that Next Gen Customer Experience (NGCX) joined senior level customer experiences executives from all industries to discuss the latest CX strategies across all channels and touch points. Their team released The Director’s Report: Next Generation Customer Experience 2017 to share four months of qualitative and quantitative research with top CX practitioners across industries. The report highlights quantifying CX initiatives as one trend organizations should not miss in 2017.

Three key points we like from The Director’s Report: Next Generation Customer Experience 2017:
* Continued investment in CX will need to show monetary returns
* CX professionals continue to find a metric that shows the long-term monetary value of customer satisfaction
* Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score are not enough to show a tangible reward for CX

Please join the conversation and tell me how you plan to transform your customer and workforce environments to compete in the experience age.

Thanks for your time and interest!


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