Importance of Customer Feedback

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“Customers want to feel their opinions are being heard. Listen to what they’re saying on social media and take action on their suggestions. Actively encourage input by conducting surveys about all aspects of the customer experience, including your customer service, so customers have an opportunity to provide feedback that will help you improve.”

Karin Surber, a Global Sales Business Development Manager at Cisco provided great insights regarding customer feedback in one of her blogs.

Customer Feedback, whether good or bad, is gold for your business. Taking an active stance in making sure there is an easy process for customers to give feedback is an important first step. Tracking and storing that feedback is equally critical for your company for many reasons.

Let’s look at four ways that feedback can help move the needle in your business.

  1. Comparison Against the Competition

One of the important ways you can use feedback from customers is to better understand how your services or products rate in performance against your competition. It’s critical to understand where you fall short or exceed in all aspects of the business. You may find that your customers really appreciate your company’s service based on responsiveness to technical issues but then predominately favor a competitor’s service because they have a wider variety of options. This feedback would suggest that you would want to add more variety to your service offerings.

  1. Significance of Your Services in the Market

Products or services will likely fail in the marketplace if you do not proactively leverage customer feedback to determine customer needs and tastes. Since the market, and subsequently customer wants, are constantly changing, it vitally important that you are checking in consistently so you can evolve with the changing market. Common ways to gather feedback related to product/service features and styles are focus groups, in-person research, and phone surveys. This type of feedback for your industry can often be purchased so you don’t even have to conduct the research yourself.

  1. Lessons Learned from Deals Gone Wrong

Revisiting prospects who did not buy your service or lost customers is especially important even if it’s not the most enjoyable listening you can do. But it’s invaluable to finding out if there is anything the company can do to win a customer’s business back or do differently when pitching to the next prospect. Swallowing your pride and genuinely listening can really be instrumental in making the necessary changes to thrive. 

  1. Customer Testimonials

It’s simply human nature that people tend to seek out ways to validate that their decisions and actions are correct (i.e Facebook and gathering comments to support your opinions). This is why customer testimonials can be so valuable. Make it a regular routine to ask customers to provide a review or testimonial about your products or service.  Then you use those testimonials to:

  • Promote your company on your home page
  • Place Product reviews on product pages
  • Aggregate customer rates to display on service or product categories

Bottom line, customer feedback, if used and analyzed honestly and effectively, can become a valuable asset for your company. Make sure you are taking the necessary steps to capture customer feedback, both good and bad, on an ongoing basis to maintain your relevancy in the market and to provide the types of products and services customers are looking for. Taking these extra steps can help differentiate your business and ultimately result in incremental revenue for you and the business.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your time!




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