Empowerment = Customer Satisfaction

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Recent research articles such as Alex R. Zablah’s Emotional Convergence in Service Relationships establish that customer and frontline employee (FLE) emotions converge during their encounters as a result of a transient, contagion-based process in which emotions flow from one actor to another. Recent evidence suggests, however, that this transient process does not produce emotional convergence among frontline dyads engaged in ongoing exchange, a surprising finding, given the wealth of evidence in support of the idea that customers and FLEs engaged in relational exchange strongly influence one another.

Distinct customer needs have spawned new thinking about employee empowerment and the needed shifts in internal processes and policies to enable employees across the company (not just customer service employees) to really serve customers properly, whatever their role. All employees in the organization should be committed to contributing to customer satisfaction and own their piece of the customer experience. It will reflect in the perfectness of the product. Both the customer and the employee need to be heard and respected to make it a win-win.

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Managers can’t just rely on employee fact surveys to create a happy environment. A study by Aon Hewitt showed that in companies that administered employee engagement surveys, 27% of managers never reviewed the results at all. Fifty-two percent of managers read the results and took no action. Creating a happier work environment starts with a company that is willing to listen to what employees want and value. We don’t necessarily need surveys to think about what that might be. Wouldn’t it be better if managers had the freedom and budgets to just give their team what they individually need?

Companies should establish a truly customer-focused culture throughout the organization and not just in the customer-facing departments. Everyone in the organization should be empowered to act on behalf of customers and acknowledge that we all have a role that impacts their behaviors and attitudes. Experts with years of industry knowledge and Internet business solutions experience bring high return on investments to our customers by understanding their perception of our products and services and their value. An engaged workforce is more productive, loyal, and satisfied. Whether it’s between individuals, teams, with customers, or with partners, collaboration has to be easy to achieve top business goals and results.

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A culture of empowerment, engagement, and innovation makes an organization the most admired company in the world and one of the best places to work. Studies show that companies that invest in the employee experience benefit on Wall Street.

Please let me know your ideas through comments on how employees could be empowered.


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